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Our vision is to provide convenient access to current health information and education for all patients, consumer and members of community on urology and prevention of diseases. We have divided this patient and consumer information into different sections below so as to help you navigate easier. Some of the sections are again divided for better navigation within the website.

:: Urological Conditions

Here in this section, some of the common urological conditions are discussed, to help you look for the particular condition we have divided this section into

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:: Diagnoses and Screening

This section is intended to familiarise you with some of the common diagnoses and screening tests involved in urology.

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:: Procedures

This section of the website is intended to familiarise you with some of common treatments that your urologists may prescribe for you.

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:: Genito-Urinary System

Here in this section some of the common problems involving Kidney, Prostate, Bladder and Testes are discussed.

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:: Preparing for Surgery/ Procedure

This section of the website will tell you how to prepare yourself, if you undergoing a procedure or surgery.

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:: Useful Links.

List of useful links we have collected to help you optimise health and health information. Click here to go to that section.

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